Modelatticmagazine (MAG) 115

Welcome to issue 115. A quick look back at NIKKI, one of the studio's photographic models. I think you will agree she has all the requirements for the camera!

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Modelatticmagazine (MAG) 114

Welcome to Issue 114 Meet TAMARA, A model based in Cornwall who is very down to earth and positive in all she does. Have a look at her photos and remember to click on the thumbnails to enlarge! .

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Modelatticmagazine (MAG) 113

Welcome to Issue 113, As promised last month here are some more modelling photographs of Summer. I hope you like them as much as I do! .

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Modelatticmagazine (MAG) 112

Welcome to Issue 112 Summer, a local Model, shows you her modelling ability in the studio. More of Summer next month!

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