Nude Modelling

Hi there, I am a Nude Model.

I have been doing some kind of modelling almost my entire life. As I got older, I just got busy with life and put modelling on the side burner until a couple years ago when I was asked to do a photo shoot. It was just a casual shoot with no real purpose in mind. As the shoot progressed, he asked if I had any interest in doing any artistic nudes. I had never done any kind of nude work before and, quite frankly, never had even thought about it.

So, I said “what the heck!” And, agreed to do my first nude shoot at the ripe ole age of 41! I thought to myself…if I am going to do a nude shoot…then, let’s do it right! So, I came out of the dressing room with just my heels and Birthday Suit on! I think it was the LAST thing the photographer expected me to do! The shoot went ok and was actually pretty fun! However, in the back of my mind, I was thinking…”like I really want to see any of these photos of my 41 year old body!?!” A few days later, the photographer emailed me some of the photos and I was pleasantly surprised! I actually PREFERRED my nude pictures over the clothed ones from the photo shoot!



Over the next year I worked with about 20 photographers, posing nude in hot tubs, showers, cars, meadows, barns, art galleries, strip clubs, forests, dark basements, warehouses,…in planes and on motorcycles…. It has been a blast! I have been pleasantly surprised at how the modelling/photography world has embraced me! The support and encouragement has really given me a boost of confidence, not only of my own body image, but, also in my age! It really goes to show you that a woman can be sexy at any age!



Sexiness is being confident with who you are…being comfortable in your own skin…whatever age…whatever size or shape….just embrace you!




So…you all go out there and GET NAKED! Try it!

You may be surprised! And, let them know that ole Krystal sent you!

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