January 21 - February 19

Looking ahead optimistically to the longer term, you'll have an upbeat year filled with more enthusiastic company and a wider circle of friends, both old and new, than usual. There will be ups and downs with money and some of your plans will change abruptly due to new circumstances. You'll also feel rather confused at points since you won't know what image you want to project. Close relationships at home and at work will be cool, so you may not always feel supported.


February 20 - March 20

Your status will rise socially and professionally in what will be a more successful year ahead. Whatever you tackle will work out faster and more easily than you imagine. There will be some abrupt changes of direction and some jolting upheavals, as well as some private discontent, but on the whole you'll be enchanted at the votes of appreciation coming your way. You won't feel so drained by duties after mid year.


March 21 - April 20

Your optimism and enthusiasm will keep you upbeat in a year when duty and responsibility will fight a battle with your need for quality time for quiet reflection. You will gradually find a better balance between the service you owe to others and the service you owe to yourself. After mid year you'll be more outgoing and playful, keen to make up for lost time socially and romantically.


April 21 - May 20

How to push ahead with innovative plans while still having one foot stuck in a rut will be one of your dilemmas. It will take an upheaval to get you into gear, but you'll gradually find that the stars are making the transition from the past to the future easier than expect, which will bring financial and emotional bonuses. Just don't let career uncertainties or home duties interfere with your enjoyment.


May 21 - June 21

Finding a better balance between your head and your heart, between ambitions and emotional and family needs will be vital. At times you'll feel that everything is being turned upside down in close relationships and at work, but luckily as an adaptable sign, you'll switch over onto a new track. Your enthusiastic approach will bring good contacts socially and elsewhere in certain close relationships you'll be going from strength to strength. Travel and communication muddles are likely since you'll be distracted at times. You'll feel more secure by the year's end.


June 22 - July 23

A busy, scattered year will be slightly erratic, since you'll dash between grand plans and more practical matters. Constant changes in your ideas, outlook and ambitions will make it tricky to keep your focus steady. Security, both financial and emotional, will be an over riding concern since you'll be constantly imagining all manner of disasters, most of which won't take place. Luckily you'll be more vibrant physically and feeling supported in certain of your enthusiasms. Getting better organized in every area of your life will require effort after mid year.


July 24 - August 23

Brimming with self confidence, you'll be pushing aside old self doubts and self consciousness and sailing forth to be yourself. Socially and professionally your enthusiastic manner will bring positive responses so no chance of you being left short of invitations or appreciation. OK so you'll have moments where you're overly serious or defensive but not for long. Close relationships and money will be your two main preoccupations since you'll want more security in rather unpredictable times.


August 24 - September 23

This year will be a major turning point. You'll reach a crossroads where you're making major decisions about your years ahead and the company you'll be keeping during that time. Luckily a growing sense of inner calm and contentment, more support at home, will help to offset the challenges of an erratic year. You'll continue to clear out all the unnecessary elements of your life - whether attitudes of mind, friendships which have passed their sell-by date or old ambitions. Then you'll be poised to start a new phase of your life from next birthday, which won't have a flamboyant send off, but will find you serious and sensible about the way ahead.


September 24 - October 22

Your everyday comings and goings at work and in the neighborhood will feel lighter hearted, much more fun and your skills as a conversationalist and communicator will bring you great respect. You'll be taking off your blinkers and suddenly finding opportunities opening up all around you. OK so it will still be a challenging year, but your upbeat approach will sail you through. Loved ones may not always be supportive and friends may be fewer in number but you won't be short of good company. Changes of direction may allow you to push your own ideas ahead. You'll be more emotionally secure by the year's end.


October 23 - November 22

The good news is that money will flow your way faster all year, so you'll feel happier and certainly be spending faster. OK so responsibilities will still weigh heavily and you won't be able to cut too many corners. And there may still be wrangles with those who don't share your ideas about money or about your love life. But you won't be caring. You will worry a touch about home and family matters, perhaps too much so. Later in the year you'll sort out serious long term plans and be lifting your life out of a rut onto a higher level.


November 23 - December 22

With lucky Jupiter, your ruler, moving through your own sign for the first time in 12 years, this will be the start of a while new cycle of rising confidence, growth, expansion and good fortune for you. It won't be a plain sailing year at home, and there will be muddles along the way of work and travel, but Jupiter will bring lucky breaks, silver linings and good humor to smooth the rougher edges. You'll want to make your mark from September onwards and be working extra hard.


December 23 - January 20

A quieter year than some will find you reflective and collecting yourself together. There will be secret or discreet help and guidance coming your way. Slowly you'll be building up your self esteem and relying more on your own judgment. You will be racing around at times, in a slightly frantic schedule, but needing time always to re-centre. Muddles over money will give you some concern, but you'll find the universe and close partners more generous in the final months. Then from next birthday you'll step out revitalized with soaring self confidence into a luckier phase.


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