Modelattic Magazine (M.A.G.) 43


Welcome to Issue 43.   The next few issues will feature the "Girls Next Door" Amateur models gracing these pages showing their beauty off to all. The Nikon D810 The D810 is the manufacturer's latest full frame DSLR, arriving with...

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Modelattic Magazine (M.A.G.) 42


Charliegirl nearly wearing a white dress! (Don't forget to click on the photographs to enlarge.) More of this shoot under "White Dress" New Canon DSLR is like a cross between the EOS-1DX and the 7D By the time Canon...

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Modelattic Magazine (M.A.G.) 41


Jocelyn   Your model for this issue is the extremely talented Joceline. Very well known in all the photographic circles. These studio shots where taken some time ago but depict  a fantastic model. Keep clicking on the photographs to...

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Modelattic Magazine (M.A.G.) 40


Welcome to Issue 40. This is your chance to view "Kimmy's" photographs. Don't forget to click on each to enlarge.  

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