Cassini September Model of the Month!

Admin: How do you feel about being in front of the camera?

Cassini: I'm very enthusiastic, and being in front of a camera brings out the best in me. I'm confident and out-going, which always makes my shoots a lot of fun. I pride myself on being punctual, and I have never cancelled on a photographer yet!
Admin: Do you like animals and children?

Cassini: I am at ease with animals and I have featured in a greyhound charity calendar. I am also a very experienced horse-rider, so I would love any equestrian assignments! As for children…I’m expecting my own in November!
Admin: well you have a classic figure.

Admin: What would you say are your best images, photo content etc.

Cassini: I have a wide range of images to choose from. For some shoots I can be "Barbie girl" and for others I can be natural. If I'm very lucky I might even be asked to do a Gothic shoot, for which I have many, many outfits to choose from. I also have a wide range of facial expressions - from submissive and smiley to dominant and mean! My make-up can be natural, colourful and dramatic, pretty girly or Goth. I can even clip in pink or green or both?? streaks in my hair. If you want cyber, I have clip-in pink dreads. Whatever you ask for, you get!

Admin: So what levels do you work to?

Cassini: I work up to artistic/implied nude. Basically, I am happy being nude but my "bits" are covered by a hand, a leg etc. I'm willing to do studio and location shots. The more varied the photos, the better!

Admin: Thanks Cassini good luck in the future and with your new baby.

Further Photographs of Cassini, click on the thumbnail to enlarge.



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  1. Gloria on October 10, 2011 at 5:22 am

    Thanks for the share! Very useful info, looking to communicate!

  2. Dave on September 29, 2011 at 2:02 pm

    Wow! SHES FANTASTIC!!!! wish she worked in my studio!!!

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