NIKON UK shock prices

Nikon UK Raises Prices on the D4 and D800

But it still Honours Price for Cameras that were Pre-ordered 

When initially announcing the price of the D4 and D800, an internal systems error caused the wrong prices to be announced by Nikon. The D4 should have been £5,289, the D800 £2,500 and the D800E £2,899. That's around £189 more for the 800 and 800E and £500 more for the D4.

That makes it really rough for camera fans in theUK, but on the plus side, Nikon is being very cool to everyone who already ordered the new cameras. Even though the price has changed, anyone who already pre-ordered the new cameras before March 24th is getting them for the same price that they pre-ordered them for. Turns out it pays to pre-order!

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