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Japanese optics giant Nikon is releasing its first pair of mirrorless cameras later this year. Nikon's dubbed it the "1 system" and it will be first seen this October in the V1 and the J1.

Mirror-free cameras are an emerging trend in the photography industry, allowing manufacturers to squeeze massive sensors and interchangeable lenses into a small, thin body. Also, buy levitra online, by ditching the snapping mirror system, these cameras won't black-out the viewfinder when you're taking shots

Both cameras sport a CX format 10.1-megapixel CMOS sensor:  Nikon's new cameras both have a magnification factor of 2.7x, plus when in fixed-focus mode they can grab high-quality continuous shots at 60 frames per second.

For video, both can do 1080p capture at 30 frames per second, and feature a 1200fps slow-motion capture mode. They also come with a pair of wacky photo-shooting modes: "Motion Snapshot" (MSS) combines a slow motion movie and a still image to make a "living picture" while a "Smart Photo Selector" (SPS) will take 20 full-resolution images and pick the best (based on facial expression, composition and focus) automatically.

In terms of differences, the J1 will feature a built-in flash while the V1 users will need to stick the flash bulb accessory on top, and the V1 gets an built-in electronic viewfinder. The J1 comes in silver, red and hot pink, while the V1 is black or white.

The Nikon  V1 starts at around £880 while the J1 begins at £550-- both go on sale on 20 October 2011. There are also a range of accessories to pick up including lenses, an F-Mount adapter and a GPS Unit.


Nikonmirrorless v1

Nikonmirrorless j1



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