Admin: Where do you live?

Amie: InWest Yorkshire.

Admin: How do you feel about being in front of the camera?

Amie: Great! But I was a little nervous first of all, but soon got in to it.

Admin: Which do you like best, animals or children?

Amie: Children.

Admin: What would you say are your best images, photo content etc.

Amie: Well, I had some brill shots done at Attic Studios, hope you use some of them on here!

Admin: So what levels do you work to?

Amie: Up to artistic nude, I love Glamour work though.

Admin: What’s your starsign?

Amie: Sagittarius.

Admin: Do your family mind you modelling?

Amie: No. not at all.

Admin: What would you say was your most embarrassing moment during a


Amie: Oh….that’s a difficult one, I can’t really recall one.

Admin: Who’s your favourite supermodel?

Amie: Possibly Kate Moss.

Admin: Well thanks Amie, hope everything goes fine for you in the future.

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